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Body Talk

We’ve all heard it a million times. HOW important it is to have a positive body image. Well, here’s one more for good luck! It is so important to have a positive body image; no matter what size you are. Why, you MAY ask? Ultimately, as human beings we tend NOT TO be satisfied WITH OUR BODY regardless of the size we are. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with finding room for improvement. However, striving for perfection is unrealistic. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. WE SPEND SO MUCH money, research, and time AND we invest in waist trainers, butt enhancers, wraps, toning creams, peels. The list goes on. To be quite honest it can be super stressful, and we put this pressure on ourselves.

“Find reasons to love ourselves”

We must find healthy boundaries, so that we can tap into the many reasons to love ourselves and promote A positive body image. Imagine this. About 11 years ago, I was wearing a size 22 work pants, and keep in mind this wasn’t my heaviest weight. Now fast forward to me NOW at size 6. Being completely honest, I still have some of the same insecurities THAT I HAD when I was a size 22. Whether it’s feeling like I don’t like my arms or legs, constantly focusing on those areas from a negative viewpoint can be harmful.

“No matter what size you are, you still have value and worth at that size”

By unlocking the true meaning of body appreciation I’ve realized it’s not about the size. IT IS about being thankful and appreciating the skin that you’re in. The pressures that women put on themselves to wear 5-inch-high heels, and to be a certain size, is a thing of the past! We should see these things as freedom to be who we are, FINDING ways to creatively express ourselves; not as a standard FOR EVERYONE. Just imagine how valuable we become when we appear happy, content, and appreciative. Yes, if there are things that you want to change, you work on them. But in the process, you can still love the body and shape that you have.

What I want you to take from this IS THAT no matter what, you have value and worth at any size. So boldly say “YES, my arms and legs aren’t WHAT I MAY THINK IS IDEAL. BUT I’M grateful that I AM WHERE I AM.” THEN create a plan, and work towards making YOUR IDEAL happen. Nothing can be resolved by body-shaming or glorifying the unattainable. No matter what, appreciate and celebrate every step in your process!


For my beauty girls on a budget, this is my treat FOR you. Sharing is caring. Here IS a space where we can let our hair down and share TIPS ABOUT fashion, hair, and makeup that are budget friendly. Ladies, it’s time we make savings sexy again!

This week’s tips for investing in your personal style

  • Find a great tailor: Visit your local cleaners or dress shop to ASK FOR a tailor WHO can provide your wardrobe with a more polished finish for old and new pieces in your closet.

  • Find your go to store: Every woman should have a store that speaks to HER unique style. Preferably one with a nice variety, a basics sections, and accessories including shoes. Great stores to consider ARE Zara, H&M, and online stores like ASOS.

  • Find some style inspiration: Social media is a great resource to find style influencers and visuals inspirations for enhancing your personal LOOK.

  • *Want to splurge a little?Investing in a wardrobe stylist OFTEN SAVES you time and money in the long run. Research local stylists in your area. I recommend giving it a try at least once. You deserve it! In my experience it’s been worth the investment.

This week’s business to T.I.P (Thank. Inspire. Promote)

Not long ago I was introduced to Celebrity Stylist J. Bolin. Who has become my fashion partner in crime. Keep in mind I had no clue that people like him existed prior to meeting him. You mean to tell me that I can have someone paint a beautiful picture out of the scattered looks in my mind, and style me on a great budget? I was sold!

The creative director behind SHOP J. BOLIN, a fun and fashion forward online boutique, happens to be my stylist and good friend. I wanted to T.I.P. this company due to its consistency IN PROVIDING quality, affordable, and INSPIRING style options for ladies of all sizes.

“I remember prior to working with J, I use to spend a lot of money on my wardrobe. My thought process was to look expensive you must spend a lot to achieve great style. J helped me to see things differently. One way, is by introducing me to a cool store where I can look just as fabulous for more than half of the price.”-Kim O

  • Whether its Animal prints, Polka dots, Tribal, Strips, Floral, and even Sequin, J. Bolin finds a way to marry them together with such grace.

  • Prints give the illusion of texture.

  • Prints can accentuate specific features, or even conceal areas that aren’t as flattering.

  • Don’t be intimidated by prints; BE INSPIRED!

Get excited for THE GOOD THINGS coming your way, and USE K.I.M. (Keep It Moving) TO PUT YOURSELF in the direction of endless possibilities!

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