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Action with Compassion Dallas Inc was established as a charitable, nonprofit organization by Kim Olusanya in 2017. Its goals are to support victims of domestic violence and find ways to reduce domestic violence in the community and gun fatalities in the home.


Action with Compassion Dallas Inc is registered as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization established to serve the public for the above purposes, by the state of Texas and the U.S.

President & Founder: Kim Olusanya

Action with Compassion Dallas Inc carries out its charitable aims by using cultural events such as fashion shows, and art exhibitions to raise funds to help its causes. It donates money from these activities to organizations and programs specifically aimed at helping victims of domestic violence. Its contributions help to finds ways to reduce domestic violence, funds programs that provide education and counseling to potential victims, and to the public at large.​

Monetary donations are always welcome. If you would like to donate to help us bring awareness to domestic violence, please click on the donate button below. 

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