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Her Story

Entrepreneur, Business Woman, and Survivor are just a few words used to describe Kim Olusanya... Meet Kim 

As a fashion influencer with a significant social media presence, Kim wants to use fashion to inspire and empower women all over the world in a dignifying, yet creative manner. She is the CEO of multiple successful businesses including Texas Bearings of Dallas, INC and Charter Hospitality. Though on the outside Kim Olusanya may seem to have it all now, her rise didn’t come without trials and tribulations. Kim is a survivor of domestic violence from a previous relationship; an experience that birthed the vision of her nonprofit organization Compassion Dallas.  


When she created Compassion Dallas, it was not only to fight against domestic violence, but to help women gain their dignity, self-worth, and see themselves as beautiful again. “I am not a victim. I am a survivor. I am strong and worthy of love. I want to take you on a journey to healing. You are beautiful, and you CAN feel that way again.” ~ Kim O.


It is the goal of the Kim O. brand to reassure and motivate women across the U.S. to stand against abuse, build self-esteem, and dare to dream!


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Grief is the last act of love we have to give to those we have loved. Where there is deep grief, there was

Great Love.

Learning from Grief

It is not an easy thing for a mother to lose a child, especially a child with so much promise, who possessed such abundant energy, and who was so loved and cherished. The experience of my loss was numbing and devastating. For weeks and months, I thought I would not survive. It was as if my own life had been taken away from me. I woke up every day crying because the source of all my joy, and the very reason for my existence, was relocated to a place far beyond my reach. Deji and his twin sister were everything to my husband Dele and I, and while he was alive, Deji was my absolute pride and joy. Afterwards, when everything seemed so dark and hopeless, his memory began to inspire me and bring me back into a world of reason and action. Because of him, I did not die an inner death. I chose activism over despondency and depression. Everything I am now, is because my son Deji continues to inspire me. He inhabits my dreams and fuels my aspirations. My desire to help others, to establish a nonprofit organization set up in his name, to make sure other families in America do not suffer the loss of a child from gun accidents at home, all come from him. It is the memory of the brief joy he brought to my life that inspires and drives this ideal. My daily thoughts of him inspire me to be the best I can be. Because of him, I want to shine a light in dark places. I want to be an example for other women and mothers who have suffered great tragedies, and allow them to say, ‘Yes, I can do it too!’ I want to tell women that personal tragedy can be transformed to enriching the lives of others, like a base metal that turns to gold.

The memory of my son is always in mind when I devote my life to helping the millions of women and girls around the world affected by domestic violence, and in supporting programs that help prevent the unnecessary gun deaths of innocent children in their own homes. I want to make my voice, and Deji’s voice heard in service of others. I am determined to turn my grief, which will never go away, into a source of hope for others.

To learn more about my sweet boy, visit:

Happily ever After

Love makes a difference.

I can safely say that meeting my husband, Dr. Dele Olusanya, has been the greatest thing that has happened in my adult life. Before I met him, I was going through bouts of anxiety and self-doubt fueled by the physical and mental abuse I had experienced in a previous relationship. I was morbidly obese, and my health was deteriorating. With my husband’s love and encouragement, I began to put my life back together, and within a year, I had lost 150 pounds. I became an inspiration for other women who were also weighed down with the discouraging diagnosis of morbid obesity. Apart from losing my excess weight, I began to immerse myself in the culture and arts that had always surrounded me, but which I had taken for granted – music, theater, fine arts, and poetry. I had my beautiful twins, the crowning glory of my existence. Most importantly, I discovered true love from a real man. Love is always supportive, never demeaning. Love is uplifting, not discouraging. Love makes you better. With the love of a good man in my life, I could now confront my previous encounters with domestic violence. I could turn my experience into something I could use to help others, rather than something that would define me. I could say to myself, ‘I am a survivor, not a victim.’ With Dele by my side, encouraging me all the way, I have become a champion for other women. With his interest in the many aspects of culture, from fine art, to literature, and music; my husband has been the motivation behind my passion to use fashion and fine arts to raise awareness about the evils of domestic violence in our society, and raise funds to help programs that fight against it. Every woman should feel beautiful, loved, and appreciated. With love, I have become a confident woman of the world, dedicated to fashion, appreciative of fine arts, and good health. Through my social media presence and outreach from my nonprofit organizations, I want to be an inspiration to all women who have suffered loss, personal tragedy, and the pain of abuse at the hands of someone they loved. I want these women to hear my voice when I say to them, ‘Leave your hurt and pain behind, and be the best person you can be.’

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